Basic Site (5 pg max) $500.00
Advanced Site (5+ pg) $25.00/hr
Retainer* $25.00/hr
Basic Hosting $25.00/month
Advanced Hosting Based on consultation
Domain Names $50.00/yr

What’s Involved

    • Basic Sites include the following primary pages: Home, News, Contact, plus two pages to work with as you desire.
      Full pricing: $500.00 ($170.00 non-refundable deposit required)
    • Advanced Sites include the same five (5) pages as a Basic site, and includes any additional pages.
      Full pricing: $25.00 an hour ($170.00 non-refundable deposit required)
    • Retainer covers monthly maintenance (Link checking, Image checking, Misc requested updates)
      Full pricing: Retainer fee billed monthly with log, 30 days pay period.
      *Retainer fee is in addition to hosting.
    • Basic Hosting includes subdomain ( and full site hosting.
      Full Pricing: Two months up front, billed monthly, no contracts
    • Advanced Hosting is priced per client.
    • Domain Name ( is seperate from hosting.
      Full pricing: $50.00 a year, payment in full in advance of service.